Frequently Asked Questions

Would Tatiana Pritchard, PMHNP be my counselor?

No. Tatiana would be working with you on primarily finding and maintaining a correct medications regiment plan. Even thought, Tatiana would provide brief counseling during your medical management appointments, you may benefit from establishing care with a personal counselor or psychologist.

Can you recommend which counselor I should work with?

Yes! Tatiana has an established network of personal counselors who she refers her patients to and will be able to provide you with recommendations.

Would I be automatically placed on Medications at the first meeting?

You will not be “automatically” started on any medications. Tatiana believes in collaborative decision making processes between a patient and a provider. After a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, we will discuss a recommended treatment plan. Medications can be part of this treatment plan.

I am scared of being on medications as I had negative experience taking psychiatric medications in the past and don’t want to be a Guinea Pig.

Yes, it is very important to feel comfortable with your decision of taking any medications. This is why we offer and widely use pharmacogenomic testing to help decrease “guess game” in psychiatry. Please research more on to see if this is something that interests you. Most insurances will cover this testing. Tatiana and you will discuss appropriateness of any testing and laboratory work during your initial visit.

How often do I need to be seen in the clinic?

It depends on a specific person’s conditions and needs. Usually, we see new patients once every two weeks for the first one to two months. Then the frequency between visits decreases to once monthly to once every three months.

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