A Treatment Plan Tailored to Your Needs

Please be assured that you will not automatically be “put on” medication after one visit. We will do a comprehensive initial evaluation to determine, in consultation with your therapist, the best treatment plan for you. Follow-up, monitoring, and maintenance of your progress will be arranged according to your needs and preferences. Even if you are not currently in therapy and aren’t sure if you need or want medications, we can help you to sort out the issues and clarify your treatment options.

We can help even if you just want someone to listen without deciding ahead of time what you should do or giving you useless answers. You know something is not working but need someone to  guide you through your own journey, a compassionate, wise listener who really wants to know what you have to say.

How We Work Together

Typically, we will begin with a full psychological assessment during a 60 to 90 minutes visit. We will listen very carefully to understand your needs and concerns, triggering events, and other important details about your situation. Based on that assessment, we will develop a treatment plan that may include new medications or changes in your current medications. We will collaborate closely with your therapist if you are currently in treatment. We use pharmacogenomic testing when appropriate to better guide our treatment selection and avoid unnecessary side effects, medications failures, and frustration.

With new patients, we typically schedule 30 minutes of follow-up appointments every two weeks for the first one to two months. As you make progress, the interval between our visits will expand to every few months depending on your needs. We utilize telepsychiatry appointments for our new and established patients per your preference. During a telepsychiatry appointment, we will still meet in face-to-face format but from the comfort of your home and without the extra time invested into travel.

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